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CBLINE Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
We value your privacy. This Privacy Policy applies to your usage of the software and services provided by ALAN Communication JSC. We only collect your information in order to improve the Services and will never sell or share your information with other legal entities for commercial purposes,except in the cases when it's required as a part of the Services you requested.
The information we collect and how we use it

The information you provide
During the registration or your use of the Services we ask you for to set your nickname (username) or user description. Nickname is a name by which you and your device is identified. Nickname is assigned to an unique user identifier generated by accessible unique device identifiers. User description can be displayed together with your nickname. We use that information to provision the Services, identify user when contacting us, and improve the Services.

Cookies are a small piece of data used to exchange information between your browser and the server. We use cookies to store your session identifier. The server erases your cookies when you log out. We may use the permanent cookies to identify website visitor anonymously.

Server logs
When you connect using client software, the server log file adds that includes timestamp, your IP address, your nickname, unique user identifier, device manufacturer and model, client platform and client software version. We use this information for analytical purposes in aggregated form.

While using Services, we may access and process information about your coarse location. We use various technologies provided by client software operating system (Android or iOS) to determine location, including GPS. Your location is used for narrowing transmitting and receiving range between users. Your location is kept in server memory only while using client software. We do not keep track of your location. Other users do not have access to your location except country name. If you do not wish to share your location you can reject location permission in your software.

When you connect to a channel, your username, description and location country (if available) are visible to other users connected to the same channel. Voice communication is not stored persistently on participants’ mobile devices.

Communication privacy
Audio messages sent by users are sent to server and queued. Hence they are temporarily stored on server so that other authorized users can download and listen to them. Audio messages are removed from server within some seconds.

Data storage
We store your username, user identifier, description, GPS coordinates.